Neil Bhargava

(480) 242-3954 -


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Arizona | May 2012

Minors: Computer Engineering and Math

Additional: Dean's List. Honors College, WildCat Excellence Scholarship, APIASF Scholarship Fund


Languages: Swift, Objective C, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, C#, Java

Backend Work: Firebase, Node.js

Programs / Misc: Adobe Creative Suite

Professional Affiliations

Blueprint Apps

2014 June- Present

Founder, Phoenix, AZ / San Francisco, CA / New York, NY


2014 September - 2016 September

iOS Developer, San Francisco, CA

BlueCross BlueShield of Arizona

2012 June- Present

Programmer II, Phoenix, AZ


2011 June- 2011 August

Intern, Phoenix, AZ


2010 June- 2010 December

Hardware Technician Co-op, Tucson, AZ

University of Arizona

Spring 2011

Circuits Lab Assistant, Tucson, AZ

Pro Audio Entertainment


Founder and DJ, Phoenix, AZ

Engineering Student Council

2010 Fall - 2011 Spring

Webmaster, Tucson, AZ

Personal Projects

Ballers Bridge

This iOS application allows athletes to create a digital player card in which they can store all their digital media including pictures, videos, and badges related to their athletic career. New features are being added to this app on a monthly basis. Designed the rails API, integrated with AWS S3, and wrote the code base nearly from the ground up. App is available on: iTunes.


This application is a time tracking and job-costing app for contractors. Developed the app from the ground up. Worked closely with the CEO of this company to design the required API's for this. App is available on: iTunes.


This iOS application allows users to post two pictures of themselves in two different outfits and crowdsources votes to determine which outfit is better. The feature base is very similar to that of Instagram. The backend was built out with Parse and Cloud Code.

Play My Song

As a DJ, I have encountered the issue where fellow partygoers do not have direct access to the DJ due to restricted booths to make song requests. DJs also have to keep all of these song requests in mind and mix them in when the BPM is right. This iOS application allows partygoers to request songs to the DJ at the current event they are at. Geolocation limits users from voting on songs if they are outside of the geofenced perimeter. The backend service layer was created using .NET MVC API and the iTunes API. App is available on iTunes.

Sudoku Picture Solver

This Android app allows a user to take a picture of an unsolved Sudoku puzzle, and the app will transcribe the image and solve the puzzle. Image processing was used via the tesseract API. Image processing techniques and optical character recognition (OCR) was used to convert the image into a processable data structure. The sudoku puzzle was then solved using P. Tellenbach's Sudoku Solving algorithm and displayed to the user.

Who Follows Us

This app allows users to find out who doesn't follow them back on Instagram :). I came up with a javascript algorithm that hits the Instagram servers recursively in order to get full lists of both 'followers' and 'followees'. The lists are then iterated thru to find the differences. The app is available at

Doodle Web App

Multiplayer HTML5 Game that is similar to the common game of Pictionary. One user draws an image of a prompted random word. The other player has to guess this word. Turns alternate. Drawings, users, score, are connected to a MySQL database via PHP.

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